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About Us


Let us introduce ourselves...


We are the Peltier-Robson family (Dustin, Devin, Camille, and Mark). We’d like to tell you about who we are and why we founded P-R Posters and Print-A-Poster.com way back in 1999.

Facts and figures about a company and its founding might be fine for some businesses, but probably the best way to get to know us and our company is to understand what we believe in – that way, you can get a feeling for what we are trying to accomplish with our Business.

There are many things we feel strongly about, but we would like to share with you some of the most important values that shape our lives and the philosophy of our P-R Posters™ Motivational Poster Company:




Our strongest commitment would have to be to our family. Ours is a family company in the truest sense of the word – we make decisions as a family, we celebrate the joys of the family in our products, and the company was even founded so that Mark could spend more quality time with the family. We think our commitment shows itself in the wholesome quality of our posters and the way we treat our customers… Like members of our extended family.




We really believe that education is vital in improving the quality of our children’s lives. We were a homeschooling family, so we know the need educators have for good teaching materials – especially to help them show those basic “life lessons” that should go hand-in-hand with the three R’s.

One of the lessons we wanted to teach to Devin and Dustin was about Internet Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics – that’s why we started doing business on the Internet back in 1995. We decided since we believed so strongly in good education that our products would be educational as well.

To our mind, there are plenty of resources out there that will help teach about state capitols or the multiplication tables, but there isn’t as much to help teach lessons about things like Pride, Creativity, and Tolerance – we hope P-R Posters™ Motivational Poster creations can help educate about these concepts and provide a foundation for teachers to inspire their students, whether it is at home or in the classroom.




We all need inspiration, even if we don’t think about it much. It seems like we are constantly surrounded by negativity . . . images and thoughts urging us to give up hope and surrender to the darkness. This is especially true of our young people – suicide and crime rates among teenagers are rising, school shootings are becoming almost commonplace, and any idea of hope seems to be getting lost.

This is where we hope motivational designs such as ours can make a difference. Inspiration and Motivation don’t have to strike like a bolt of lightning – they can be found in the smallest of things: a gentle smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a short note of encouragement. We want our products to be another such venue of encouragement – inspiration and motivation that you can put on your wall, display on your desk, or pass along to your family and friends.


Why Print-A-Poster?


Our free printable mini-posters are 5″x7″ in size and designed for easy printing on standard letter size paper. If the design you like is also available in Spanish translation, then both the English and Spanish version are included on the letter size .pdf printable page. You can download or print any of our designs - simply right click on the .pdf file and choose what you would like to do. But, please remember they are only for personal, non-commercial or website use.

We started Print-A-Poster the same time as we started our commercial website P-R Posters. We chose to always make our mini-poster designs available for Free. We enjoy sharing our free printable poster designs with people around the World. By providing this free printable poster website, we are reaching out to all corners of the Earth to bring a little light in the midst of darkness. To share a smile with those who cry. And, to do our best to make a difference!

In 2017 Camille Peltier-Robson took the reins of Print-A-Poster.com. She is dedicated to providing our  “reminders of hope".  These thoughts and mottos have educated, inspired, and helped us through both good times and troubled times – We hope they can do the same for you!



The Peltier-Robsons • Beautiful Beloit Wisconsin

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